Octogone Group


Drawing on our extensive wealth management experience, our aim is to protect your capital while generating the best possible performance. To achieve this, we are committed to understanding each client’s specific objectives and needs.


The Octogone Group is sensitive to ESG considerations and integrates them into its thinking on responsible management of resources, social issues and governance.

Indeed, we firmly believe in every company’s responsibility towards society and the environment, and we continually work to improve our practices for a positive impact.



We establish a relationship based on transparency and no conflict of interest. We give unbiased advice because our relationship is with you, not with any bank or supplier of financial products.


Consideration for our clients, compliance with the rules and respect for professional ethics are key to our activity.


We focus on your needs, concerns, expectations and goals. Your needs, returns and expectations as well as your investment profile will determine the structure of your portfolio.


We always act in your best interests. We manage your capital with the same attention as we manage our own.